Learn How To Photograph Babies

Learn How To Photograph Babies

3 babies playing outdoors on blanket, credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/whiskeytango/2567398133/sizes/m/
Babies Playing

Nothing will make a parent as proud as showing pictures of their cute new baby. We all enjoy viewing photographs of babies as well. So if you have a little one, keep your camera handy and share those baby pictures. The more photos you have the more fun it will be showing to your friends and family. Learn hot to make better photographs of your precious little one by following these tips.

Always be Ready

Any moment your baby will do something that’s entertaining, or does something for the first time. And you’ll never know when that will be, so keep you camera close by and ready all the time (charged batteries and film or memory cards). You may want to keep multiple cameras around your home. Also, considering keeping a disposable camera your diaper bag or your car to insure you’ll always be ready for that once in a lifetime moment.

Candid Shots

You will learn the most adorable photographs of babies are the candid. Candid pictures are more natural looking and relaxed than more formal looking posed picture. You can make memorable images of your baby sleeping, smiling, taking a bottle, even napping. Since babies notoriously do not cooperate when posing them it’s often easier and much more fun taking candid pictures of them. Take photos of all parts of the baby, like the chubby little fingers, feet, or their tiny toes. Those photographs will make sweet reminders of the young age and small size. Using a zoom lens is a great way to capture candid photos of your baby at a distance, like from across the room. Obviously, the more natural looking the photographs the more fun they will be to view. Capturing kids doing what they do when their adults aren’t looking make the best photographs. Using a zoom is a great technique to use because your baby won’t be distracted from you being there.

Black and White

baby's left hand, credit:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/makelessnoise/3261777756/
Little Hand

Making the images of your baby black and white or sepia will produce some adorable pictures. Most digital cameras now have setting to capture in both black and white, as well as sepia. For the most part, when you shoot (or convert with editing software) to monotone, what your baby is wearing isn’t as important, because there is no clashing of colors.

Shoot a Lot

Shooting a lot of pictures increases your chance of capturing a great photograph and the more you handle your camera the better you will become at using it. Learn to shoot a lot of photographs of your baby doing the same thing. You might capture 20 images of your baby playing with a toy, but maybe only one or two are good enough to print or email to friends and family. The more images you capture the more there is to choose from.

Don’t Just Make Photographs

Lastly, do something with the photographs you take. Often people will not develop their film for months, or never. Or they won’t have their digital pictures printed. Babies grow and change very quickly. Make a weekly effort to print and share you photography. You don’t want to lose irreplaceable photographs, so if you’re shooting digitally, be sure to back up your pictures often. Failing to back up has happened to many photographers and is quite a loss when all those precious moments are gone for ever.

Photography Credits

“Babies Playing”, flickr.com/whiskeytango
“Little Hand”, flickr.com/makelessnoise

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