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Cat Photography Tips

Cat Photography Tips

cat playing on sofa, photo credit:
Playing On Sofa


Every cat owner is proud or their feline companion. And cats are a wonderful subject to photography. With patients you can photograph your cat in a variety of fun, funny, and interesting poses. That is, once you learn how. Here are some tips to capturing your feline friends at their best and most adorable.

Cat Naps

Few things look as relaxed as a cat napping. Since cats spend most of the day sleeping you’ll have plenty of chances to snap a shot while your cat is napping. This is one of the best times to take a picture of your cat. You can capture some close-up images as your cat is sleeping, or learn to gently wake him or her up to capture that relaxed feeling.

Natural Light

cat sunning on wood floor, photo credit:
Basking In Sunshine

Think about it, where is one place cats like to nap? In the sunlight. Often you will find your cat napping in a window that is bathed in diffused sunlight. Consider opening the window shades to encourage your cat to nap there. Snap a few pictures once your cat is sitting in the sunlight. Try using fill flash if the cat is strongly back lit in the window. Get a few shots without fill flash to give your photograph a soft, warmer, glowing look. The additional flash may annoy your cat and cause their eyes to close, or possibly get a red-eye effect. So using the natural light without fill flash will often work better if you can manage it.

Don’t Pose or Plan

You cannot really command a cat to sit, stay, or shake. So when you are working with your cat have your camera ready to take candid shots. Learn your cat’s routine by watching it during the day. Also learn where your cat’s favorite places are. By working with your cat, and around its routine, will help you to capture the best pictures possible. Be patient, you might need to make several attempts to get a few great pictures, but posing hardly ever works.

Find an Assistant

cat playing on shelf, photo credit:
Playing On Shelf

Getting help is another good tip to get great photographs of your cat. Your assistant, perhaps you son or daughter, can be out of the frame and get your cat’s attention by wiggling string, calling it’s name, making strange little noises, or maybe gently throwing a ball. It’s very hard to play with your cat and photograph it at the same time, your images will be much better with the help of an assistant. If you want your cat to look right at your camera have your helper be behind you and just and play with string or something just above your head.

By being very patient and willing to work for it, you will get some great photographs of your cat. Much of the fun of photographing cats is they are unpredictable and you never really know what they will do. Keep you camera close by for the times when you cat starts doing its antics. A cat’s normal activities make us all smile and those same actions make for great pictures.

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