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The Art of Digital Photography

The Art of Digital Photography 

We are living in a world that is forever changing because of our technology. Cell phones, computers, microchips in everything, and mobility are the sign of the times. Even the arts are constantly changing due to technology. Just consider this, we have gone from drawing with charcoal, to painting with color pigments, to film photography, and now digital photography. The visual arts have come a long way, haven’t they? 

People have used a variety of ways to capture the images of life and to freeze time. Technology is continuously improving and making it easier and easier to create works of art. Can you even imagine what the next evolution of visual art might be? 

Digital photography is not as simple as point-and-shoot

Skill is required to make a good digital photograph. Even though some people will think a digital photograph can be edited after it has been shot, they don’t realize how much work it takes to properly edit an image. Sure, we may thing technology has advanced to a point where a person can do very little to make a great photograph, but you still have to know what your doing with tools at hand, such as your editing software and camera.

There are three T’s required to truly master the art of digital photography.

Time, Talent, and Treasure

Time – you cannot become an expert overnight. It takes time to learn all there is to know to make great photographs. Even a protege with the talent of a genius has to train to hone their skills.

Training yourself in the art of digital photography is kind of like sharpening a knife with a whetstone – it may be time consuming and painful, but necessary.

Talent – You will need some inherent talent to truly be a master of the art of digital photography. You must have, or develop, an eye for subject matter that makes a great image. Or else you will be mediocre at creating digital photographic art.

Proper training will enhance the inherent talent that you already have and sharpen your skills.

Treasure – Actually, “cash”, but that’s not a word that starts with the letter “T”.

You will have to have the right tools to be a successful digital photography artist. That means investing in the right equipment. Even though, there is a lot of inexpensive photographic equipment available for the digital photographer, the best equipment can be a budget buster.

Of course, buying the right equipment will test your resolve because few things are more scarey than spending large sums of money on an unproven interest. Once you have made your investment in the art of digital photography there really is no turning back.

One last thing

It may seem like the art of digital photography takes a lot. But to be truly successful at anything requires love, and love requires sacrifice. Just keep that in mind as you pursue your interest in digital photography.

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